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Adherence to the terms and conditions of the Events

The user who purchases tickets for an event adheres to the specific terms and conditions as described on the specific event page. Such as offers, free tickets, refunds, changes to menus and programs, admission rules in relation to Covid-19 and more. All this to guarantee the safety of participants, transparency and fairness for everyone. Furthermore, the visitor of LA CONTEA GENTILE agrees to the processing of his/her own photo and/or video images as described on the page Privacy Policy.

Third Party Affiliation

The website, the Cultural Association “La contea Gentile”, its owners, representatives and members dissociate themselves from any affiliation with the Tolkien Estate®, Warner Bros®, New Line Cinema®, Peter Jackson, the works by JRR Tolkien such as The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit and others. 

Last update:

A Long Expected Party,
Dinner Menu
  • Mixed hot and cold appetizers with seasonal vegetables, cheeses and cold cuts
  • Mrs. Gamgee's Legume Soup and Po-Ta-Toes
  • Polenta with forest scents (mushrooms, truffles and sausage)
  • Pork shank cooked in beer and beans
  • Seasonal fresh and dried fruit
  • Bilbo's Birthday Cake (Schwarzwald)
  • Mixed hot and cold appetizers with seasonal vegetables and cheeses
  • Mrs. Gamgee's Legume Soup and Po-Ta-Toes
  • Polenta with forest scents (mushrooms and truffles)
  • Haradrim traditional vegan Katsu Curry (with soy cutlet)
  • Seasonal fresh and dried fruit
  • Fruit salad with soy cream
  • The first round of drinks is offered by the birthday boy
  • The classic or vegan option must be specified when purchasing tickets
  • It will not be possible to ensure a totally gluten-free kitchen (or other types of intolerances and allergies)
  • The organization reserves the right to vary programs and menus where necessary



At some events we ask everyone to come dressed in fantasy clothing. This is to be able to immerse yourself even better in the atmosphere of the party!

For this event the halfling costume is mandatory!

We do not currently offer a costume rental or sales service, but putting together a real shire resident costume is very simple.

For men: shirt (perhaps white), shorts or trousers rolled up at knee height, comfortable shoes or sandals.

For women: long dress or skirt, corset, comfortable shoes or sandals.

From here you can give vent to your imagination with bracescrowns, pointed ears, cloaks, big feet, waistcoats, pipes, walking sticks...

Here are some examples and ideas:


In the book and in the film, the most famous halfling in the shire finds himself having to sign a burglar's contract drawn up by the Dwarves with a thousand footnotes and paragraphs. You can find the reproduction of this contract, in English, everywhere, but this one you see was hand-written by one of the loyal "citizens" of our project, in Italian and with references to the Journey that the contea Gentile is undertaking: the Construction and the Birth of a place out of the ordinary!

This document can be filled in with the type of trade or service you can offer for the creation of the contea Gentile!

Handmade paper, custom font, pages cut out and sewn by hand with string and sealed with hot wax.

If you're curious, find out more about the Journey to Middle Earth here!

This document is not necessarily widely or legally recognized by states friend or foe, neighboring or distant, real or imagined. It has recognized and guaranteed validity only within the territories of the contea Gentile.

Send a message to the staff of La Contea gentile

We remind you that it is possible to visit the contea only during the events.


Minted in 2022, it depicts the symbol of the shire on one side, the Acorn. While on the other side the face of the nicest mayor there is, Nicolas Gentile. This coin was created by one of the loyal "citizens" of the county project, to support and grow it.

Attention: obviously this currency has no legal value in Italy or other countries (perhaps only in imaginary ones). This is a gadget/souvenir from La contea Gentile. Certainly more emotionally valuable than other currencies in circulation in the world!


Always carry the Official Passport of LA CONTEA GENTILE with you! This is the most excellent identification document: every self-respecting resident of La contea Gentile, presumed or current never leaves home without it! This passport was created by one of the loyal "citizens" of the shire project, in support and growth of it.

Fill it out with the information, characteristics and details that distinguish you: gender, species, class, hair, eyes, build, particular brands and much more!

This document is not necessarily widely or legally recognized by friendly or hostile, neighbours or distant, real or imaginary states. It has recognized and guaranteed validity only within the territories of La contea Gentile. Please consult the official sources of the various kingdoms, citadels and states before visiting. Special visas and/or official stamps may be required.