La contea


Everything you have wanted since you were a child, here has turned into reality!
The contea Gentile is a very particular place. As soon as you arrive you feel it immediately: a mix of excitement and peace, of potential adventures and friendships hidden around the corner. Thousands of people who have already come to this land have said the same thing: "here you can breathe true Magic."

The project of La contea Gentile, still nearing completion, is the creation of a fantastic village immersed in the unchanged countryside of Abruzzo, already full of stories, legends, good food and fresh air! Here you'll find comfortable homes carved into the hillside, adventurous dwarven caravans, woods where laughter rings, a cool river to dip into in the summer months, and the good old farmland.

Land purchased 100%
Little houses planning 100%
Trails creation 95%
Dwarf caravan construction 67%
electricity, water, gas 52%

Our fantastic themed events are known all over the world and from all over the world people come can finally feel at home!
Do you feel like a warrior armed with sword and courage? You will be welcome here!
Do you feel close to the nature and wonder, typical of the elves? Here you will find what you are looking for!
Are you in the mood for adventures and fun evening feasts? We have just the thing for you here!
Are you looking for a place to feel at home and enjoy the peace you deserve? Here you are in the right place!

Follow us on our social channels, participate in our events and support the creation of La contea Gentile because, remember:

"La contea is not a place. La contea is a hope "

La contea Gentile is located in Bucchianico (Ch) in Contrada Porcareccia, immersed in fresh oak groves, bathed by the clear river Foro and surrounded by the scent of cultivated fields.

Since 2018 it has been the main meeting place for those who love a fantastic life combined with a simple and happy vision of existence. Here we don't pretend to experience magic, here we really live it!

In ancient times Bucchianico was a real county/shire. At the beginning of the year 1000 the noble Tresidio, with the help of Aldemaro the Wise, became count of Bucchianico and made this small town a little gem in the heart of rural Abruzzo.
At the time, the county of Bucchianico also became a military power which in Abruzzo was second only to the city of L'Aquila. La contea Gentile wants to recall those ancestral atmospheres typical of the area by uniting them with the charm of fantasy, both autochthonous (here there are countless folk tales dedicated to mysterious peoples, goblins and monsters of every ilk) and borrowed from modern fantasy.

Work will start shortly for the construction of the structures to accommodate the many travellers who come to visit us, and if you want to help us, you can do it here:

Not yet. Although now the contea Gentile is already characteristic, there is the little house and in itself it is delightful, with the ancient oak, the Green hill, the woods all around and the little river, we advise against coming now. It may sound bad, but we want you to see 100% completed, while for now you would only see an unfinished work. We still ask for a little patience, we too are excited for it to be realized as soon as possible

For now, unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate people for the night, not even in tents. We'll have to wait a little longer for that

It all depends on the outcome of the fundraiser

For now, unfortunately, we cannot organize private parties

We will update the website with more details in view of upcoming events. We advise you to follow the profile Instagram and subscribe to the Newsletter to find out the latest news